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Listen: “I HATE IT!” – Caroline Meade

TGG guest writer Molly MacDuff chats with Caroline Meade to discuss her latest single, “I HATE IT!” I don’t understand loving something and not doing itCaroline Meade “I write my meanest songs on my best days,” singer/songwriter Caroline Meade explains to me. On one of these days, “I HATE IT!” was born. As the first…

Listen: “No Shame” – Five Seconds of Summer

“Our ambition as a band is to become genreless.” I’ve been caught in a cycle of self-doubt lately. The end of the semester kicked my ass, work sucks, and I’m itching to get out of the house. Summer can’t come soon enough. You know the urge you get sometimes to scream-sing in the car at…

Listen: “Lullaby” – Grace Ives

A beautiful thing to think about is that stars on earth look like blobs, but in space, really defined structures.Grace Ives, on her upcoming album, Janky Star Brooklyn-based DIY artist, Grace Ives announced the release of her upcoming sophomore album, Janky Star in the beginning of April with “Lullaby.” The second single from the forthcoming…

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Greetings and peace be with you. I’m Jessica. A girl who grew up thinking she wanted to be the junkie manic-pixie-dream-girl, Penny Lane, who would one day flee to Morocco and never look back, only to find that who she really wanted to be was Cameron Crowe, deep in the trenches of music journalism. I started The Greater Good in 2020, originally, as a creative byproduct of anxiety and an overwhelming need for distraction. As time and an immeasurable amount of self-reflection finally began healing some of those wounds, The Greater Good became less of a distraction for me and more of a passion, or purpose.

At TGG, you’ll find independent music reviews, artist interviews, and intermittent blathering about the psychology of music.